Dr Reza | Botox in less than an hour? : The Citizen
When it comes to the world of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Reza does his best to stay at the top of his game. He makes sure that he takes every opportunity to learn more, whether it’s through reading textbooks cover-to-cover, educational videos, primary & secondary research or attending local and international aesthetic courses and conferences. Not only to educate him-self in the latest technologies and treatments, but to ensure that his patients are always offered the latest in Aesthetic treatments.
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Botox in less than an hour? : The Citizen

20 Feb Botox in less than an hour? : The Citizen

You no longer need three days for recovery after these injectables.

With less people having downtime and shorter lunch hours, the new way to approach ironing out wrinkles and lines is to have a quick lunch hour facial with injectables. This includes getting quick and practically painless Botox and fillers in less than 45 minutes.

Gone are the days where two to three days were needed for recovery, now one can go straight back to work after receiving injectables. Aesthetic doctor Reza Mia of Anti-Aging Art Aesthetics talks to The Citizen about the lunch time liquid facial trend, the pros and cons and its growing popularity.

Tell us about getting quick liquid facials or lunchtime Botox and fillers?
A liquid face is when we use botulinum toxin and filler to produce a lift on the face and neck. Most of our treatments can be performed within an hour and many can also be performed without any downtime, making it possible to leave
work and return to work on the same day.

What does it involve?
We use toxins to stop the downward force that acts on people’s faces and a number of skin conditioning treatments to enhance the collagen and elastin concentration in the skin to enhance the lifting effect. It’s important to note and for
patients to understand that the toxin treatment does not do anything to the actual skin and simply removes the downforce that the muscles exert on the face. The lifting happens as a result of the muscles that have upward vectors on the skin such as the smiling muscles and from the skin’s own natural elasticity. Therefore, the lifting may take some time in older patients. What would take two weeks in a 20 year old can take 18 months in an 80 year old, but the important thing to take note of here is that the lifting does still happen.

How long does the treatment take?
The treatment takes 20 minutes to numb and between five to 20 minutes to inject.

What is the downtime after the treatment?
Skin conditioning treatments have approximately a 24-hour downtime, this includes redermalisation smoothing the top of the skin and platelet rich plasma (treating scaring and damaged skin as well as deeper lines and wrinkles). These should not be performed during work hours.

Is the treatment affordable?
Legally we are not allowed to discuss prices, which sometimes leads to the false impression that it is a very expensive activity. However, people do actually spend more on a trip to the shops buying medium to high end skincare products.

What areas on their face should people focus on when on holiday?
You want to protect yourselves  from the sun, therefore, treatments like redermalization and supplements that contain alboni tomato concentrates as well as topical sunblock’s would help to protect your skin while enjoying your holiday.

Thami Kwazi